About Us

Nto Annang Foundation USA Inc.(NAF) was incorporated in 1991 as a non profit 501(C3) corporation

It is a socio-cultural organization of Annang indigenes in the Americas.

We aim to,

    (a) Foster unity and understanding among and between the Annangs and other heterogeneous ethnic groups or international bodies throughout the world

    (b) Promote Annang culture in the United States and in Nigeria.

    (c) Provide educational assistance and counseling services to people who need and can benefit from such services.

    (d) Conduct and/or support scientific, technological, educational, agricultural, health, economic and environmental research programs that may improve the quality of life of the people through better housing, nutrition, health, and literacy.



    Nto Annang Foundation USA Inc. (NAF) is organized into chapters. Each chapter consists of dues paying members. The activities of NAF are centered around the chapters as well as the national secretariat

Atlanta, GA

Baltimore/Washington D.C

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Detroit, MI

Greensboro, NC

Houston, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

Mineapolis/St. Paul, MN

New York/New Jersey



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